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Management and Leadership

Public administrators need to understand management and leadership because often they are responsible for policy formulation, development, and implementation. Throughout my coursework I have been fortunate to have the ability to test the managerial concepts I am learning at my workplace. 

Director of Communications of the American Mental Health Counselors Association Report to the Board of Directors, March 2017

This artifact is my report to my organization’s board of Directors about my department, communications. Since we are a small organization, the communications team is responsible for many different areas including branding, advertising, publications, public relations, and marketing. It is important for my board to get a clear picture of where my department has been, where we are, and what is on the horizon for the future. 

Memo to BizLaunch Arlington – Group Project

This artifact showcases my ability to meet team objectives and make realistic recommendations that can be evaluated. For this assignment, three of my classmates and I worked on a proposal for Arlington Economic Development (AED) to help improve their competitiveness in the BizLaunch program. Our group took the time to learn about the database that BizLaunch was already using and develop recommendations that would require minimal changes to their current processes and no further administrative costs. 

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