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Apply Theory to Practice

A public administrator will need to apply theory to practice often. The concepts taught in public administration programs are applicable to multiple professions and across all industries. The application of theoretical understanding and analytical methods in real world settings (such as class simulations, internships, and employment) develops the capacity for similar or larger scale contributions to public management and policy processes after graduation.

The Role of Organizational Theory and Behavior in the Office of Family Health Services within the Virginia Department of Health

This artifact demonstrates my ability to connect course concepts and professional experiences. In this paper I researched the Virginia Department of Health organizational structure and history. I concluded that, although there have been budget constraints and political pressures, the Office of Family Health Services has been able to mitigate and thrive in their mission.

Budget Projections for Bromidia, Coastalina Medical Clinics Memo

In this artifact I demonstrate my ability to apply theory to practice. For this project I analyzed the proposed budget agreement for a fictional medical clinic to determine if the Board of Directors should proceed with the agreement or make suggestions. 

2017 NASPAA-Batten Student Simulation Competition on Food Security, Certificate of Participation

In 2017 I participated in the NASPAA-Batton Student Simulation Competition. In this competition I took theories of public administration and food security and applied them to a simulated world with a team.

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