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Normative Dimensions

Ethical public service is important and for me, ethics is very important. I was raised to be a very ethical person and always act with integrity. In public service there are many different stakeholders and levels of ethical responsibility that must be paid attention to. I strive to be an ethical person in each of my roles at my job and to those that I serve.

Ethical Competence: From farm to city.

This artifact I articulate a personal commitment to ethical public service. I describe the multiple levels of ethical responsibility I have in my workplace. I talk about the different ethical codes that I am held to in my profession as well as the people I serve. I give examples of ethical violations and how I handled them. I then talk about a trait that means the most to me: integrity. I mention my own personal ethical code.

Diverse Workforce

In this artifact I demonstrate a few challenges regarding issues of cultural diversity. Working in a non-profit I am very conscious of budget constraints and realize that it is necessary for a manager to find creative ways to maintain a supportive, safe work environment in which employees have a good work-life balance. I suggest a few low-cost options that managers can use.

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