Use Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Without data and research, a professional would be relying solely on their own experiences to perform their job. A professional’s decision-making skills are easier, and sometimes more complicated, by having data and research available to help them learn from other’s mistakes and successes. A good administrator is not only able to see a problem or the potential for a problem, but is also able to collect data and research in order to assist in coming up with the best solution. 

Regression Analysis:
The effects of K-12 expenditures, the number of legal immigrants in a state, and Gallop poll results on Gross Domestic Product.

This artifact demonstrates my ability to reason clearly and logically as well as form a research question and use research methods to investigate it. The task was to select a dependent variable and several independent variables, formulate a hypothesis, and then test that hypothesis using regression analysis.

Policy Analysis of Texas’ New Abortion Law

This artifact displays my ability to link a decision to accumulated evidence and research. In this paper I cover the history of abortion in the United States and the consequences of the law being introduced in Texas. Using criteria that I created and explain, I evaluate each alternative and present a recommendation. For this topic, it was necessary for me to be very factual and straightforward in my writing in order to get my point across because the topic is heavily debated.