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Communicate Effectively Through Presentation

Public speaking skills are essential for teaching others something new or explaining a topic to an audience. One of the most important skills to have in order to give an effective and engaging presentation is to know your audience. It is also important for a presentation to be concise and well-timed. Taking the care to time a presentation in a way that guides the audience through a journey into what you are presenting can help the people understand what you are saying. A presenter must always be sensitive to how others will experience the presentation they are giving.

2015 American Mental Health Counselors Association Leadership Conference Presentation entitled 'State Chapters and Technology'

This artifact shows how a well-timed presentation can take the audience on a journey with you. First, I showed the possibilities of social media with evidence and success stories. I then had them explain to me how they used social media and what they used it for. Some shared their successes as well. I explained the many other ways social media could be used, gave examples and anecdotal ideas. Next, I had the audience interact with each other by taking a selfie and posting it with our hashtag. At the end I showed the audience how to search for our hashtag so they could understand the concept.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Analysis of Response and Recovery Presentation

For this presentation it was necessary for me to take a lot of complex information from many different sources and compile them into relevant points for our class. Timing the presentation was important.

Normative Discussion with Classmate

A classmate and I were tasked with demonstrating how to have a serious but civil discussion about a topic we were both passionate about but had opposing views to. My classmate, Joshua, and I chose to discuss illegal immigration. Joshua’s view was that illegal immigration laws should be stronger whereas I believed immigration laws should be weaker. Both Joshua and I were able to have a sustained discussion about our views on the topic.

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