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Communicate Effectively Through Writing

Respectable writing skills is one of the most critical tools a professional can have. For me, the written language is not only a vehicle to get your point across, it is a passionate art. Throughout the last ten years, I worked in communications in non-profit organizations in which my job involved writing, editing, and designing. I am excited to exercise my passion for writing as a public administrator. 

Memo: Cost-benefit analysis applications to public works projects.

This artifact demonstrates my ability to describe an issue clearly through professional writing that is concise. This memo gives an overview of what cost-benefit analysis is and then emphasizes the importance of including uncertainty and risk in the analysis.

The Effects of Organizational Restructuring, How They Can Be Mitigated, and a Case Study of a Small Trade Association

In this artifact I show my ability to convey complex ideas and information. In PAPA 5316: Systems Skills we were tasked with picking a topic and becoming an ‘expert’. For my topic I chose restructuring. In my paper I address why and how organizations restructure and the effects on employees. Recently my organization informally restructured and I used that experience as a case study for analyzing the restructuring process.

Public Administration and Useful Scholarship

This artifact demonstrates my ability to get my message across in a cohesive way. In the introductory course to public administration we read several author’s thoughts on the field of public administration. In this assignment we were to reflect on the field and its useful scholarship in the broader sense.

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